Hygieia is now available on JD.com, the largest B2C retailing platform

Hygieia New Zealand Ltd has successfully lodged on JD Worldwide, the largest online shopping platform in China. It has established the "Hygieia Global Retail Store" and its website is http://mall.jd.hk/index-590313.html.

JD Worldwide, mall.jd.hk (JD.COM) is a professional and comprehensive international online shopping platform. It has listed over thousands of brands and over 40 millions of products across 15 categories for retail, including health supplements, electronics, clothing, maternity and baby, personal care, food and travel.

The platform places customer satisfaction as top priority, ensuring all products listed are 100% genuine, from quality brands, and are available for delivery worldwide. It provides professional logistics and customer service, in order to provide a joyful shopping experience for customers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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