Heavily invested in research and development teams

Hygieia upholds a combination of traditional and creational business principles. Hygieia has heavily invested in the development of products formula, financially as well as in manpower and resources.

With careful and considerate market research, Hygieia has launched a series of well known health care products. These are made of traditional raw materials, but in combination formulas with other materials and elements. Our products can be more easily absorbed and are more effective.

At the same time, Hygieia is devoted to research and develop our unique formula, in order to expand our “Premium” series. Such products will carry its distinctive characters and can be easily distinguished from all other products.

In order to continuously improve and perfect our formula, Hygieia has reached a cooperative agreement with well know institutions, to co-develop new products. We aim to utilize resources more effectively and sustainably, to improve the effectiveness of our health care products.

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